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Throw it back to the 90s with Thrift

By rema mukena, Tuesday Sep 5, 2017

If vintage is your vibe, you could do worse than Thrift, Park Street’s newest shop for pre-loved clothing. An ethical choice, it’s also good for your wallet: thrifty customers can pick up three items for just £10. Good quality vintage clothes that aren’t at extortionate prices? I know it sounds hard to believe.

Thift isn’t alone in offering vintage clobber on Park Street: the row has become something of a destination for bargain hunters of late. But store manager Charlotte Davis, 25, says she doesn’t feel she’s in competition with any of the other vintage or charity shops in the area: “We’re undercutting them all. The most expensive item in here is £25”, she says confidently.

“It’s a really good place to work, its never the same and we provide items of clothing for people from all different walks of life,” says supervisor Chantelle Jackson, 27. “We’ve got a bit of everything!”

Looking for some vintage denim to add some 90’s edge to your wardrobe? They’ve got it.

Store manager Davis not only works in the shop, but also lives the look, presenting herself as a brand ambassador for Thrift. When we meet, she’s wearing beige shorts which she’s paired with a funky-coloured fleece shirt, glittery top and pom pom earrings, giving us serious Fresh Prince of Bel Air vibes.

“Since we’ve opened the shop, we’ve found that it’s very popular amongst young people, even posh mums who love a bit of Ralph Lauren!”

Thrift, 35 Park Street, Bristol, BS1 5NH


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