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A new wellbeing app for families

By lowie trevena, Wednesday Apr 15, 2020

Two recent graduates from UWE Bristol are creating a wellbeing app to help families partake in healthy activities together.

William Testeil, along with fellow 2019 UWE Bristol graduate Benjamin Draper, are making Family Wellbeing in response to a lack of family-based wellness apps.

The pair, who are 22 and 23-years-old, are combining their loves of fitness with their skills in modern technology to create the app, with William saying: “While there are a significant amount of health and fitness resources to help individuals, we’ve recognised a lack of solutions and support available to families.

“Therefore, our passion for health and helping others has led us to leveraging modern technology to help families stay healthy and happy.”

Screenshots of the app prototype

The app is specifically designed to help families improve their wellbeing together, as a unit and is split into three sections: exercise, nutrition and mental health.

Each user will have their own animated character, a visual representation of their performance using the app, with the more challenges completed, the happier and healthier the character becomes.

“The app also contains a simple and engaging rewards system,” William adds. “For instance, each time you successfully complete a challenge you gain a seed, collect multiple seeds in a row and you can earn a wellbeing flower! The aim is essentially to grow and collect as many wellbeing flowers as possible.”

Benjamin and William are launching a Kickstarter to fund the app and help children and parents get fit together and hope to launch the app for free in September 2020.

“Helping as many people as possible is our primary aim,” say Benjamin and William. “Helping children and parents to collectively achieve their desired health and effortlessly spend more quality time together.”

Find out more at  This Kickstarter launches on April 17 at

All images: William Testeil

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