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Gleaming Italian machines and coffee roasted onsite

By martin booth, Friday Jan 24, 2020

Imagine a Ferrari or Lamborghini showroom but for coffee machines. That’s what Perfecto feels like, with gleaming Italian-built models on display around the shop which also doubles up as a cafe, with beans roasted on-site.

Next to Room 212 on the corner of Gloucester Road and Bishop Road, Perfecto has been opened in the former Artemis gift shop by Aly Hussein, longtime owner of the nearby Blue Lagoon bar.


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During one of his frequent visits to Italy, Hussein put his passion for coffee to good use, training with some of the country’s top experts and has now opened Perfecto’s first bricks and mortar premises after beginning the business from his annexe at home.

Coffee machine goals – photo by Martin Booth

Sit inside or on a few tables outside, with the shop’s basement doubling up as a workshop for machine servicing and repairs.

Hussein and his team promise that the machines they supply “are the absolute best in build and performance, and will deliver the best coffee”. They also offer free advice, installation, servicing and ongoing customer support.

Perfecto is a cafe as well as a showroom and a workshop – photo by Martin Booth

Many of the machines here are beautifully crafted lever machines from Izzo, a company that was founded in Naples in 1979.

They will all look pretty damn cool in your kitchen but it will cost you thousands of pounds for the privilege.

Perfecto has been opened by the coffee-loving owner of the Blue Lagoon further down Gloucester Road – photo by Martin Booth

Main photo by Martin Booth

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