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Pub of the Week: The Pied Horse

By ellie pipe, Friday Feb 7, 2020

A faint babble of indistinct voices can be heard over the music in the Pied Horse on a recent Wednesday evening.

It’s an interesting mix of pop music coming through the speakers but no one’s really listening; this is time for a post-work pint and catch up at the bar.

One of the two bartenders, in a patterned sweater vest, bow tie and glasses, wins the best-dressed title for the evening hands down as he amiably serves drinks and packs of crisps, occasionally chipping in with the conversation going on around him.


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Occupying an impressive-looking building on Summerhill Road, the L-shaped pub features a pool table at either end, plus a beer garden out the back, dart boards, a juke box promising the best music selection and more.

The Pied Horse is showing the Six Nations

The minimal seating in the middle is occupied by a couple of solitary drinkers who are interrupted only by a small white dog, with a bedraggled toy rabbit hanging from its mouth, determinedly trying to befriend everyone inside the St George local.

A framed photo of a black and white horse hangs opposite the bar as a nod to the pub’s namesake while on the opposite wall, someone has stuck plastic googly eyes over the eyes of two otters in a framed picture.

Before long, the music is switched off as TV screens come to life for the start of the Six Nations match.

Talk pauses at least for a moment but it’s not long before the hub of chatter rises again as a few newcomers join the group clustered at the bar, all ready to settle in to watch the rugby in this no-frills, family-friendly local.

The Pied Horse is a no-frills, family-friendly local

The Pied Horse, Summerhill Road, BS5 8JS

Photos by Ellie Pipe

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