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Pub of the week: The Clyde

By martin booth, Friday Jan 31, 2020

“Allo, Tone,” a regular greeted his friend sat at the bar at the Clyde on a recent Monday evening, where the talk was of a pool competition at the weekend.

There are two pool tables in this Victorian corner pub in Redland complete with original stained glass windows, one on either side of the U-shaped bar.

If you want to play pool yourself, make sure you follow the instructions chalked up: ‘Don’t be the prick that puts a drink on the pool table.’

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It’s not the only sign written in chalk here. ‘The water provided below is for the consumption of canines and felines only,’ says a sign above a bowl near the main entrance. ‘Do not drop your litter or your coat into it!’

Chalked up outside was the promise of Timothy Taylor Landlord and Butcombe, but once inside it was revealed that they had run out of Butcombe until Wednesday.

Thatchers fans could remain happy, however, with Gold, Haze and Dry all on tap, alongside Amstel, Guinness, Heineken and Kronenburg; with rolls wrapped in clingfilm on the bar and an episode of Come Dine With Me on the television.

In Bristol24/7’s most recent food and drink guide, EatDrink24/7 (keep an eye for the 2020 edition being published in May), George Livesey, owner of the Michelin-starred Bulrush restaurant in nearby Cotham, praised the Clyde for “not trying to be anything”.

“I like the locals in here and I like the staff,” he said. “I go in here, have a couple of beers and play pool.”

Soon before 6pm, a university student with digs nearby wandered in with his parents who were visiting for the day, proudly showing them his local. Town and gown are both as welcome as each other here.

Just around the corner came the clatter of balls descending from underneath the pool table. It was time for another game.

The Clyde, 129 Hampton Road, Redland, BS6 6JE
0117 923 7936

Photos by Martin Booth

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