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Pop-up cafe opens in Easton garage

By martin booth, Thursday Jun 13, 2019

Your eyes are not deceiving you: there is indeed a cafe within a garage of a quiet residential street in Easton.

The Secret Larder has been opened by three friends and will remain as a pop-up during the summer months on Heron Road on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Inside, there is space for a dozen people to sit on four small tables, each with pieces of chalk in glass jars with customers encouraged to use them to draw on the tables.

Artworks from 30 different artists are displayed on the walls

A couple of wooden chairs were also set up on the pavement on a recent Thursday morning. Between 9.30am and 10am, only one car passed by.

With the rain falling outside, it reminded me of The Stowaway cafe in Tenby, run by a former Bristol resident within an arch overlooking the harbour.

On the counter is a selection of food which on this visit was gluten-free blueberry muffins and gluten-free dark chocolate torte, both vegan-friendly; with toasted sourdough sandwiches for lunch.

The Secret Larder takes up half of a garage with a screen printing business behind the counter

On the other side of a false wall behind the counter is the sign writing business that used to take up the whole of the garage – just a few hundred yards from Stapleton Road – before the space was split in half to make way for The Secret Larder.

With art for sale on the walls from 30 different artists and a soundtrack worthy of a Giles Peterson compilation on the stereo, this whole set-up could be a wonderful dream – but it’s decidedly real.

The Secret Larder, 62 Heron Road, Easton, Bristol, BS5 0LU


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