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New cocktail bar set to open on Corn Street

By martin booth, Monday Nov 25, 2019

A cocktail bar and restaurant that previously had its eyes on the former Rise record shop on Clifton Triangle looks to have found new premises for its first Bristol opening.

The Alchemist call themselves “masters in the dark arts of molecular mixology and demons in the kitchen,” promising “a flaming atmosphere, creative cocktails and delicious all-day dining with a twist”.

There are currently 18 Alchemists across the UK from Portsmouth to Leeds, with one also on St Mary Street in Cardiff.


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Bristol might be getting its first Alchemist in what was most recently Pranji’s bar at 41 Corn Street, with a licensing application revealing the possibility of opening hours on Friday and Saturday nights until 1.30am.

Alchemist bosses originally wanted their bar on Queen’s Road to be open by April 2018, but their application was refused by the city council as it was thought the transition from retail and restaurant use would harm the area’s shopping potential and make existing antisocial behaviour and noise to nearby residents worse.

Main photo: The Alchemist Bevis Marks in the City of London

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