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Help yourself to wine on tap at new bar in Finzels Reach

By Martin Booth, Wednesday Nov 20, 2019

Wine has joined beer and coffee in Finzels Reach, with Le Vignoble opening opposite Left Handed Giant’s brewpub and just a short stroll from Spicer & Cole.

This new wine bar is also directly below Channel 4’s new Bristol offices, with their creatives soon having another option in which to eat and drink within spitting distance of their desk with the imminent opening of Bocabar.


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Television types like a concept and at Le Vignoble there is most definitely one of those.

To drink a glass of wine, you must first hand over your card in order to get another card (mine had the address of Le Vignoble’s original Plymouth bar on it, with another bar in Milsom Place in Bath).

The card is then inserted into a slot above eight fridges, each containing seven bottles of wine.

Wine can be poured as a taster, 125ml or 175ml

Comfy seats await at Le Vignoble

There are tasting notes with each bottle, with one press of a button able to pour either a small taster or 125ml or 175ml measures into your glass which you hold underneath a small nozzle.

The fridges are in fact Italian-made ‘enomatic wine machines’, which a small menu on the table says is a “system (that) guarantees wine preservation, and above all a perfect glass every time”.

On a recent evening just a few days after opening, one customer was using an app on his phone to get even more information about the bottles on offer.

Le Vignoble is both a wine bar and a shop, with events coming soon

It is located on the ground floor of the Fermentation Building at Finzels Reach

In the name of research, I enjoyed a glass of both white and red. The red, a 2015 Moorooduc Estate Shiraz from Australia was one of the most expensive wines on offer so it was just the £3 taster for me on a journalist’s salary rather than £23.10 for a 175cl glass.

All of the wines here can be accompanied by food that is served all day, including cured meats, cheese and marinated olives.

And if you like your wine enough, you can buy bottles to take home. Or just upstairs to your office.

Le Vignoble, Fermentation 3, Finzels Reach, Bristol, BS1 6JQ

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