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Bristol’s first zero waste oat milk delivery service

By bella silvester, Thursday Jul 4, 2019

A pair of food-loving entrepreneurs are launching a new venture, producing and delivering dairy-free milk with minimal impact on the environment.

New Milk is the brainchild of Elspeth and Joe Edwards, who realised the Tetra Paks from their favourite brand of oat milk were just piling up and decided there must be a more sustainable way forward.

They launch Bristol’s first zero waste, plant-based milk delivery service on July 17. The business will start by stocking independent cafes before going on to supply individuals by bicycle.

It was a manic weekend serving coffee at an event that was the catalyst for change. Elspeth and Joe ended up throwing away more than 100 packs – something that felt unacceptable for two people who care about how they are affecting the environment.

Elspeth is a chef by trade so she started work on the the perfect oat milk recipe – finally arriving at a non-dairy milk that tasted delicious and was vegan, gluten free, and pesticide free.

New Milk launches on July 17

Joe focused on the logistics of launching the business, with a focus on minimising pollution. He decided the best way to achieve this was to bring back reusable glass bottles and deliver everything by bicycle.

The pair try to have as little negative impact on our surroundings as they can.

To launch their product and delivery service, they are hosting a Breakfast as Dinner event at 6.30pm on Thursday, July 17.  With granola bowl-making competitions, using their newly designed oat milk. The winner will be the most Instagram-worthy.

Elspeth and Joe will also do barista demonstrations to show how New Milk foams.

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