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The Vegetable Diva launches tiffin delivery service

By catherine yi, Monday Jun 17, 2019

The Vegetable Diva, home of package-free, home cooked and nutritious food, has announced a pedal-powered tiffin delivery service.

Customers can choose a two-tiered  (£6) or three-tiered tiffin (£9) which can be delivered anywhere within the city centre, by bicycle or on foot, for a nutritious and environmentally-friendly lunch.

The tiffins are delivered by 1pm and are collected between 3pm and 4pm to be reused. A click and collect service is provided so customers can pay in advance, and tiffins can  also be rented with a full refund when they’re brought back to the shop.

A three-tiered tiffin before being stacked

The Vegetable Diva doesn’t have a set menu, which ensures they waste as little food as possible. They use seasonal produce grown locally from their very own vegetable plot and orchard, changing the menu each day.

“We put a lot of effort into our food, everything’s made from scratch. It’s very much field to tiffin,” says owner Sonya Devi.

“I think it’s just a really nice feeling to be able to eat something that’s been picked that morning.”

Sonya’s aim is to re-ignite people’s love for vegetables with her freshly-made vegetarian and vegan food.

“We have lots of different vegetables growing, not just popular varieties, to preserve species of vegetables that are becoming extinct.,” she says.

She encourages people to make little changes, encouraging customers to think about the environment and plastic packaging that wraps many lunch meals to go, saying: “I think the change starts with the individual.”

To find out more, go to An delivery app will be available from Sunday, June 30.

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