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An ode to bread: poetry to be printed on loaves

By martin booth, Wednesday Nov 27, 2019

Bristol artist Luke Jerram is teaming up with a Chipping Sodbury bakery for his latest project, Bread Poetry.

Ten poems by ten poets will will be baked onto at least 200 loaves of bread from Hobbs House and sold across their five bakeries from January to March 2020.

The poems will all be printed onto a small sheet of edible rice paper and baked onto the underside of each white loaf.

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The artists’ brief says that each Saturday, “the poet of the week will be celebrated and for the same price as their standard loaf, the public will be able to purchase, read, share, contemplate and digest this unique artwork.

“Bread Poetry combines Luke Jerram’s interest in giving people the opportunity for creative expression, and bringing people together – on this occasion, around the simple act of sharing bread and poetry.”

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