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Thekla returns after £1m refurbishment

By kerhys reilly, Tuesday Sep 10, 2019

The afternoon of September 9 saw Thekla return to the harbour, following its £1m restoration in the Albion Dry Dock.

Thekla first came to Bristol in 1982 and hosted entertainment including poetry readings, cabaret and comedy. In 1990 the venue became a ‘rent-a-nightclub’, before Daybrook House Productions (DHP) took the boat over in 2006. Thekla has been one of the cirty’s paramount venues for music and entertainment ever since.

The boat undergoes regular maintenance, but Thekla had been urgently needing a new hull to replace the original from 1958. These restorations which have taken place in the nearby Albion Dry Dock.

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The £1m renovations have restored the hull with offset steel circulating welded around the previous structure.

“There’s a lot of love for Thekla in Bristol, around the country and worldwide,” owner George Atkins said recently. “We’re committed to preserving that heritage and that’s why we’re getting the new hull fitted – we need to make sure that Thekla continues to be a great night out for the next 50 years.”

Funk the Boat will welcome the boat with open arms with a whole lot of love and soul on Friday, September 13.Having returned from its restoration, the boat is set to start the autumn in spectacular style.

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