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Keir releases latest EP

By amy grace, Wednesday Jun 17, 2020

Bristol’s dark pop pioneer Keir has compiled a collection of two previously released tunes along with latest single ‘Rose’, the result is a digestible and accessible EP which will have you sharing it amongst your group chats and pining over live music.

Opener ‘Rose’ begins with Keir’s trademark soaring vocals, structurally it ebbs and flows wonderfully, knowing exactly when to pick up tempo and keep the listener in suspense. Described by Keir as “fragility, deception, a dream of delusion. To find an escape to madness by awaking from the dream.”

All tracks teeter on the commercial side of the scale, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing it’s refreshing if anything. I can definitely see Keir and his band headlining the John Peel stage at Glastonbury – whenever that might be.

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The other two tracks, ‘Live This Way’ and ‘Shiver’, are innovative and evocative of his brand. Swelteringly moody beats which allow room for Keir’s voice to become the centrepiece. All three tunes have had a new life breathed into them and now exist as acoustic tracks which are well worth the listen.

Main photo by Erik Weiss

Check out the Acoustic Session here:

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