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Box Office Chart: November 1-3 2019

By robin askew, Wednesday Nov 6, 2019

1. Joker £2,446,200 (£51,563,891, 5 weeks)

2. The Addams Family £2,234,172 (£6,978,733, 2 weeks)

3. Maleficent: Mistress of Evil £1,883,568 (£11,608,754, 3 weeks)

4. Doctor Sleep £1,460,643 (new release)

5. Terminator: Dark Fate £1,182,540 (£5,383,108, 2 weeks)

6. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon £1,013,592 (£5,541,772, 3 weeks)

7. Abominable £771,601 (£6,937,629, 4 weeks)

8. Zombieland: Double Tap £443,156 (£3,578,495, 3 weeks)

9. Sorry We Missed You £364,849 (new release)

10. DanTDM Presents The Contest £278,514 (new release)

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Last week’s challenger for Joker‘s mantle, Doctor Sleep, proved rather more dozy than Mr. Warner and his brothers anticipated. Even with those Halloween previews, it couldn’t get any higher than fourth place on £1.46m, behind Maleficent: Mistress of Evil in its third week on release. By contrast, the previous film to be marketed with that high-profile Stephen King branding, It: Chapter Two, opened on £7.4m. DC’s Joker origin yarn not only lives to fight another week but has now bagged the record for the longest stay at the top of any film released in 2019 (previously held jointly by Disney’s Aladdin and The Lion King). It’s also steadily ascending the UK all-time chart, overtaking Quantum of Solace to claim 35th place. Terminator: Dark Fate, by contrast, is sliding down the chart at an alarming rate and will end up as the lowest grossing Termie flick by a very wide margin. But let’s hear it for our local hero Shaun the Sheep. His Farmageddon won’t beat the first film’s £13.8m, but it held steady to collect another £1m in the big Aardman piggy bank over the weekend. At the foot of the chart, Ken Loach’s Sorry We Missed You took pretty much the same amount from his loyal audience over its opening weekend as the previous two Loach films.


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