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Nightclub owners offer building to charities during coronavirus crisis

By martin booth, Tuesday Mar 31, 2020

The owners of one of Bristol’s most famous nightclubs are offering up the space to charities during the coronavirus pandemic.

Lakota could temporarily become anything from a medical centre to a soup kitchen, with the team saying they want the building to be used “as soon as possible” to help others.

Managing director James Haggart is reaching out to charities while the usual club nights in the St Paul’s institution are not taking place.

“It is a big space and it would be a shame for it to go to waste,” Haggart told the Bristol Post.

“We would like to help in any way we can, whether that’s having hospital beds or for it to be used as testing centre.

“We don’t plan on holding any events before the end of May, so the space is available to use as soon as possible up until then.”

He added: “In this time of need we would like to make use of the Lakota building in a positive sense to help the local community.”

Eats Everything played an incredible five-hour set at Lakota in November 2019 – photo: Lakota

Main photo by Martin Booth

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