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Artist of the Month: Square Eyes

By bristol247, Tuesday Sep 5, 2017

This month’s artist is Square Eyes, whose photographs are exclusively available through our online shop.

“It starts with me dutifully and consistently documenting my life in squares,” says Square Eyes, the moniker of Bristol-based artist and Polaroid photographer Becky Arnold. “Each day I record one or many images to form part of my daily diary.” She uses a grid format to portray the essence of a particular subject with a variety of pictures.

“For the most part, I build thematically-related collections in multiples of one, four, nine and upwards. This allows the work to be customised to a location, subject, person or category.” Even at a brief glance, the individuality of each of her works is immediately recognisable. Each collection has a precisely curated tone and atmosphere achieved through innovative use of colour and composition.

“Nearly all my collections are one of a kind,” she says. “While I may make one or two a few times, I tend to remake a particular collection using alternative filler images, or adjusting the composition to result in a similar piece, but not a replica.”

Square Eyes began making use of this Polaroid grid medium while living in Edinburgh. “In the last five years or so I have begun to develop the particular style of photography that I create today. I fell in love with working in a mini square format, and using small collections of images to make bigger compilations,” she says. “I started to work them out into categories and subsequently worked the images again into collections that are balanced and (square)eye catching.”

Since then, she’s used her unique artistic style to capture the essence of locations all around the world before finally settling here in Bristol. “Bristol is an incredible place to live in the way it supports all manner of the arts, from music through to makers. It champions its people and is proud of its city. I think that really comes across when living here.”

Because of this affinity with the Bristol art scene, Square Eyes seems confident that she wants to stay here and continue to grow her local presence. “I trade at various markets including Bristol Harbourside most weekends, but I am always looking for new places to exhibit and sell my work. It would be great to get my Square Eyes in more places!”

Profits from the sale of Square Eyes’ pieces will go to The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. “I don’t think anyone is ever fully prepared for when cancer hits and affects your life and loved ones. It can be very tough, but the wonderful people at Royal Marsden were incredible,” says Square Eyes.

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