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Where The Wild Is offers an environmentally-friendly travel option

By josh kendall, Monday Oct 28, 2019

Where The Wild Is offers once-in-a-lifetime trips to Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Visit to find out more.

If you want to hear more about this ERDF funded free business support then please get in touch via or call 0800 917 9324.

Bristol-based Arctic expert, Emma Durkin left her corporate role to fulfil a dream of owning her own travel company, creating trips to some of the wildest, most wonderful places on earth.

Where The Wild Is offers travelers the chance to sleep in unique accommodation, from glass igloos to treehouses at the top of the world, as well as taking part in exhilarating activities including trips to go in search of Mother Natures’ most illuminating experience, the Northern Lights.

Aurora Village, Finland

One year on from the company’s launch, Emma shares her story on how GetSet for Growth have supported her vision and played a part in making her dream a reality!

After attending a range of practical workshops, Emma went on to receive expert coaching from Andy Weeks, who assisted in the formulation of a business plan which has now led to Where The Wild Is being approved for a government backed start up loan to spend on marketing.

“The support I have received from the team at GetSet for Growth has been instrumental in the pace of which my business has progressed,” says Emma. “I found the dedicated face-to-face sessions incredibly helpful and always had a clear set of actions to work on after each meeting.”

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Emma’s ambition goes far beyond wanting her own business and being her own boss. Believing in balancing tourism with environmental protection, she wants to make a difference and have a positive impact in the world.

With climate change, issues around single-use plastic and the need to clean up the world’s oceans becoming increasingly reported upon, consumers are becoming more conscious about the choices they make. People will always have the desire to explore, therefore, tourism will continue.

Lake Inari, Finland

The brand’s commitment to responsible travel means that the trips are meticulously planned to minimise impact on the environment, wildlife and local communities. Where The Wild Is actively seek accommodation and activity providers with recognised green credentials in tourism, hospitality and animal welfare.

So what’s next?

Where The Wild Is will complete The Planet Mark™ Start! programme in Bristol in order to build sustainability into the business and has signed up to be part of The Long Run, a membership organisation of nature-based tourism businesses committed to driving sustainability.


Where The Wild Is offers once-in-a-lifetime trips to Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway. Visit, get in touch on 0117 450 7980, or email to find out more.



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