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Freelance Mum – The mother of all networking

By phil stott, Monday Jun 24, 2019

This month marks the first in a series of stories from businesses in Bristol who are all working with funded support services: GetSet for Growth and The Planet Mark Start.


If you want to hear more about this free business support service then please get in touch via westofengland@getsetforgrowth.com or call 0800 917 9324.


Faye Dicker is the founder of the award-winning network Freelance Mum; a leading support group for women juggling motherhood around freelancing.


“Freelance Mum was launched 5 years ago, after I had my children and realized how challenging it was. I couldn’t find fellow ‘freelance mums’ like me. I decided that if there wasn’t a group, I’d have to start one!

Faye Dicker and her girls in the studio

I realized what we really needed was networking. A chance to meet up, talk shop and bring our children. I took a punt, set up a free session and 15 people came!


Today I run two networking events a month with plans of launching others. There’s always a netwalk, so you can talk while your children are in the buggy or scooter. Followed by a guest speaker and craft & toys for the little ones. It’s bonkers, but it works.


I was first introduced to the world of funded business support through the Planet Mark Start team. This fantastic service offers free sustainability advice for small businesses and we were happy to let them take over one of the events, with themed games, topics for the netwalk and an inspirational workshop it really got us thinking about green growth!

Freelance Mum’s netwalking

Afterwards I was talking with some of the advisors and they mentioned that I could get even more support through the European Regional Development Fund with GetSet for Growth.


Phil from GetSet instantly saw the value in the Freelance Mum community and began mentoring me. At our first meeting I was blown away – he’s a numbers man and had really done his due diligence! Phil saw that the core offerings of Freelance Mum were the meetings and our Facebook group, The Mothership. I needed to place a value on them.


It was a ‘light bulb moment’! The ‘pay as you go’ model wasn’t working, it had to become subscription based. We quickly arrived at the point of realizing The Mothership and both meetings would be included for a monthly fee of £15 per month. Plus, everyone can now try Freelance Mum for free for 30 days – a try before you buy, if you like.


While it might sound like an obvious idea, it felt like a giant leap. The model remains simple, affordable and sustainable – three very important values. Without working with Phil, one of the groups would have folded. Launching the new model, allows real growth.


I’m also running Freelance Mum – The Micro Business Retreat. A three day, all-inclusive break, for mums and their families, at Tractors & Cream in Somerset. It was an idea I had 5 years ago, I wanted to create the Glastonbury equivalent for freelance mum’s’!

Freelance Mum Micro Business Retreat is held on the site of Tractors & Cream

Basically somewhere mum’s can bring their children, hang out together and genuinely focus on their business. Tractors & Cream is an escape. Every time I go, it resets things. I feel connected and have a healthy dose of perspective again. It makes the perfect setting for The Freelance Mum Micro Business Retreat!


I honestly believe it is the ultimate combination, for you and your family. A chance to fully immerse yourself in business and still escape from every day life. There’s Forest School, Camp Fire Dreams for the Good Life, craft and not to mention the ‘GetSet Takeover – Struggles, success stories and learn how to build your winning business strategies’.


There’s family campers tickets, or single person day tickets – it really will be the breathe of fresh air you need for your business.


To buy your ticket to The Freelance Mum Micro Business Retreat

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