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If I Knew Then: Rayan Wilson

By ellie pipe, Monday Nov 11, 2019

An entrepreneur and sportsman who grew up in Easton, Rayan Wilson has battled through adversity to forge a successful career.

Rayan was a professional footballer, who went on to found Back2Action after his sickle cell disease ended his sporting career.

He combined his knowledge of peak performance sports and rehabilitation to create a successful, tailor-made model that is now an industry leader. Back2Action works with elite sportspeople, including World Cup winners, world champions and Olympic medallists, as well as organisations and the general public.

How did you start out in business?

I started by looking for a job. Following 150 CV submissions and knocking on many doors, opportunities were few and far between. Therefore, I decided to create my own job.


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If you knew then what you know now, what mistakes might you have avoided?

I wish I had started reading and studying books as much then as I am now. Before, it was something you had to do to become qualified. Now, it provides me with a free and adaptable mind and assists me in making impactful and conscious decisions.

Back2Action works with everyone, from Olympians to the general public

What advice would you have given yourself when starting out?

Consistently revisit your plan. Reflect on where you are and ensure you’re moving in the direction you intend.

If you knew then what you know now, would you still be sitting here?

I would have had a large impact and added much more value across a broader range.

What do you know now that you didn’t know then?

The ability to have laser-like focus and block out external noise.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received so far?

You will always get more money, but you won’t get more time.

What is your business highlight?

Being able to empower and uplift employees and clients who once believed their lives lacked direction.

What is your business low point?

2018, when the business almost had to close its doors due to having to move premises at short notice.

What keeps you awake?

Fresh ideas.  How we can impact and assist the growth of youth and adults across the UK.

What’s changed from when you started out?

Me as a person. Starting out on my own, my vision was to help clients, coaches, therapists and professionals.  This began to happen and sped up as the team grew.

What’s still on your to-do list?

To grow into one of the world’s biggest private human performance brands; empowering athletes, professionals, organisations, youths, students, males and female from all backgrounds to reach their peak. As well as providing careers to many aspiring individuals.

What’s next for you in business and personally?

Business-wise:  To support young people who have an interest in sport to learn elite methodologies, assisting improvements physically, mentally and socially.

To assist adults with strategies to perform in work, sport and leisure at the best of their ability and pain-free, through physical training, injury rehabilitation and prevention strategies.

Personally: To be present in the moment with my friends and family.  Often a business can be a strain on your personal life and my goal is to work on this.

Rayan works with people to ensure they can perform to the best of their ability

Main photo by Carl Barnet, Colorsuper

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