Viva the Underdogs: A Parkway Drive Film

Allan Hardy
Running Time
73 mins

Any band that chooses to play metal knows they’re in for a hard slog without the slightest whiff of radio airplay or coverage in the mainstream media. Aussies Parkway Drive rank alongside the likes of Nightwish and Sabaton in reaching arena-headlining status in the UK despite this handicap.

Viva the Underdogs charts what’s described as their “15-year journey from small town surf-rats to international headliners on the world’s biggest metal music festivals”. As frontman Winston McCall puts it: “For over 15 years we have stayed true to ourselves in a world of extremes. We are not the story of shooting star superstardom, we are not the overnight breakout success, we will never be viral and we sure as hell won’t break the internet.”

By robin askew, Wednesday, Jan 15 2020

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