Withnail and I

Bruce Robinson
Running Time
103 mins

It’s the return of the film that launched a lethal drinking game. Richard E. Grant (Withnail) and Paul McGann (I) are out of work actors living, boozing and pill-popping in the seediest flat in Camden Town, if not the universe, circa 1969. When things get too desperate, the pair go on holiday by mistake to Cumbria, courtesy of Withnail’s lasciviously homosexual uncle Monty (Richard Griffiths).

The film is an ambiguous farewell to an era, much of it drawn from director Bruce Robinson‘s own experience. It’s a black, decadent sharp comedy of the first water, with endlessly quotable dialogue. And now it’s back on screen in the Shwocase chain’s Flashback season of cult classics.

By robin askew, Sunday, Oct 1 2017

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