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11 things graduates will miss about Bristol

By thomas horton, Wednesday Jul 20, 2016

1. The Apple

Despite the controversial price rise (the wine strength cider is no longer £1), The Apple is surely Bristol’s best loved student pub.


2. The Downs

Those in Stoke Bishop halls in first year must surely have a soft spot for the Downs, having travelled across the green expanse on a daily basis.

Image credit: Richard Toller, Flickr

3. Street Art

It seems that every building in Bristol is either old and beautiful or covered in fantastic street art (and, in a few rare cases, both). This makes for a stunning urban environment unlike any other in the country.

4. Nightlife

Larger clubs like Lakota and Motion attract some of the biggest names, but the real attraction is the breadth of options open to revellers. A whole host of different venues playing completely different kinds of music mean that on any given evening there’s something going on. Mr Wolf’s, Blue Mountain, Cosies, The Canteen, Small Horse Inn, the list goes on…

5. The campus

Whilst visits into the university’s grandest buildings were probably a rarity for most , studying at a university with such stunning buildings dotted around was a real pleasure.


6. Jeff the Big Issue seller

Often spotted flogging his wares near the campus, Jeff’s unrivalled friendliness and need to say hello to everyone he passes in the street surely brightened every graduate’s day at some stage in their university career.

7. The Food

Bristol has a thriving food scene, with independent restaurants and cafes littered across the city. Although student budgets definitely don’t allow for this to be taken full advantage of, those lucky enough to have taken some respite from their diet of baked beans to sample some of the culinary treats on offer won’t have been disappointed, with Burger Joint, Falafel King and Taka Taka being among the student favourites. St Nick’s Market also serves up great affordable food.

8. The festivals

With Tokyo World, Love Saves the Day and 6 Music (to name but a few) all gracing Bristolian eardrums, many former students will surely miss the range of festivals the city has to offer.


????????????Such a good weekend at #tokyoworldbristol #tokyoworld #tokyodub

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9. The Triangle

Loved and loathed in equal measure, everyone has a story to tell from a misguided night out on The Triangle. Everyone claim to have a favourite place, but we all know that they’re all basically the same.


In case people were wondering why not to go to Lounge pre midnight #lizardlounge #overcrowded #dryjanuary

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10. The independents

Bristol has such a range of independent businesses that the city has a truly unique feel. From cheap grocers on Gloucester Road to clothes shops around the centre, the strength of Bristol’s thriving independent shopping scene provides a welcome break from the monotony of high streets across the rest of the country.


Sunny vibes here at Rise today! What records are you spinning at the moment?!

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11. The Union

Only joking.

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