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‘At the moment at least, I don’t have the fear’

By dave skinner, Thursday Apr 20, 2017

City’s draw away to Blackburn leaves the club four points above the relegation zone with just three games remaining. That means a win at home to Barnsley this weekend could potentially see us safe, other results depending. A loss, however, could see us just one point clear with two games left. Precarious times, or so you’d think.

I have to say though, at the moment at least, I don’t have ‘the fear’ regarding our current plight. If you look back over the last ten games, City have amassed fourteen points. That same form over a season would see us gain a points tally around the mid-sixties and in turn a comfortable mid-table finish.

The previous ten games, though, harnessed just six points: relegation form for sure, and I didn’t have the heart to look at the previous ten knowing it would be more of the same, if not worse. So, assuming we do stay up, we can say we had a good start and end of the season, but a truly terrible middle.

There has, of course, been the odd shining light this season. Of those, none have shone brighter than our on-loan striker Kevin Oghenetega Tamaraebi Bakumo-Abraham, know better to you and I as Tammy Abraham.

His form has been nothing short of sensational and Monday’s cheeky wonder goal, his 23rd of our league campaign, would have only added to the already growing number of suitors craving his signature next season.

I will put my neck out and say, with utter certainty, that he won’t be playing for us next season. But who will have the honour of watching this young player develop and improve? The rumour mill seems to suggest another loan spell, most likely to a Premier League side. I am certain that he could do a job for most sides, should Chelsea decide not to have him in their first-team squad next season.

I personally would like to see him go abroad for a year. I think the value of learning another culture and style of play would be invaluable to the development of both Tammy, the player, and Tammy, the man.

Needless to say, I wish him all the best and would like to thank him for the amazing memories he has given us this past year. You are a credit to your profession, Tammy, and a role model to young players everywhere. Should you ever find yourself playing at Ashton Gate again, be sure to expect the warmest of welcomes.

How on earth are we going to replace those goals and that talent? I’ll have to think about how I’m going to tackle that question and get back to you next week.

But for now: back to that truly terrible middle of our season. Staying up would give many fans a reason to cheer, and understandably so. I myself will no doubt give it the odd whoop, and indulge in a celebratory cider or two, should we do what is now expected of us.

I do take issue, though, with those who insist on singing about the fact that we have managed to be marginally less worse than three other clubs.

If we are fortunate enough to remain in this league, it should not be seen as a moment of success that we should bask in. Chances are we will not perform a West-Brom-esq, final day Houdini-like escape. So, please: no pitch invasions, or celebrations equally as vomit-inducing upon – should it occur – that moment of safety being realised.

This has been a bad year and, like a good actor who has made an awful film (please insert your own movie reference here), let’s move and pretend it never happened.

Obviously, with this being a Bristol City blog, I will pour over every minutiae in the coming weeks, as to why things didn’t quite go to plan. But I hop that you, dear reader – if we escape the drop – manage to get on with your summer plans, having eradicated much of this painful season from from your minds.


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