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My Bristol Favourites: Osob Elmi

By martin booth, Saturday Sep 7, 2019

Osob Elmi is currently a reporter for BBC Points West and has previously worked for the BBC World Service.

After leaving school, she got her first taste of the media industry with work experience at Bristol24/7 and later studied journalism at the University of Gloucestershire.

Here are her top-five Bristol favourites:

M Shed

M Shed was one of the first museums I went to in Bristol and it has become my absolute favourite. In particular, I love the interactive exhibitions that allow you to physically engage with history and art, and the tours you can go on with family and friends. The fact that it’s just beside the Floating Harbour is a bonus!”

Blaise Castle

“Bristol is known for its green spaces. I love exploring the parkland and woodlands on the way to Blaise Castle Estate. Setting off on an ‘adventure’ and walking there and back is a great way to keep fit too. I often go with my family and that’s why it’s sentimental to me.”


“Easton gives you a flavour of Bristol’s multicultural diversity. I admire its atmosphere and great vibe, especially the local Somali shops where I often buy traditional clothes and scents.”

Street art

“Graffiti and street art give you the a sense of the ultimate creative culture here in Bristol, which of course includes some of Banksy’s most famous work. Jody’s recent mural of the environmental campaigner Greta Thunberg is also superb.”

St Nicholas Market

“I remember going to St Nick’s Market as an A-level textile student for the first time to buy some thread and haberdashery fabric. The indoor market gives it a distinctive experience and the food stalls are also fantastic. It definitely deserved being named as one of the ten best markets in the UK in 2010.”

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