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Bristol Voices: Tilly Lee-Kronick

By caragh jones, Thursday Jul 27, 2017

She trains at Circomedia and you may have been lucky enough to catch her mesmerising singing trapeze performance at Bristol Harbour Festival. As part of our Bristol Voices series, Bristol-based circus performer Tilly Lee-Kronick shares her thoughts on inclusivity in the circus world.  

Name: Tilly Lee-Kronick

Where in Bristol are you based? Fishponds

Tell us what you’re currently involved in and how you hope it can impact upon Bristol.
I’ve just graduated from Circomedia – the Academy of Contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre – and I’m currently working for Cirque Bijou over the summer. Most recently, I performed my trapeze act for Cirque Bijou at Bristol Harbour Festival – a weekend that’s truly brilliant for exposing as many people in Bristol to lots of different art forms.

Cirque Bijou and its company Extraordinary Bodies (in partnership with Diverse City) constantly strives to help make circus inclusive for everyone. A great example of this is having British Sign Language interpreters on their stages, which I think is not only vital in Bristol but for performance and art everywhere.

I’m so excited to help contribute and see how Cirque Bijou and Extraordinary Bodies will continue to develop inclusivity in the circus world.

What are the current issues and opportunities facing your area of Bristol?
I’m constantly struck and saddened by the amount of poverty and homeless people I see, particularly in the centre of town. I feel that it has hugely increased in the past three years that I’ve lived here.

What do you like about Bristol?
I love how much is going on, without it feeling too overwhelming. After moving from London, which can often feel too huge, Bristol is the perfect mixture of being small enough to handle, with enough to do to keep me busy and entertained.

How could Bristol be better?
I’m sure there are lots of amazing organisations and charities to help the homeless, but I think Bristol would be better if we could provide more support and housing for these people in need.

Tell us something interesting about yourself.
I can peel a banana with my toes!

Do you have a piece of information or advice that you’d like to share with others?
My advice is to keep striving to do what you enjoy doing. Try not to worry about what is expected of you or what you think you should be doing. Sometimes there’s so much pressure, particularly on young adults, to know exactly what they want to do as soon as they leave school. But it’s OK for it those ideas to change, to take more time and try lots of things. Its OK to not know yet!


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