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Students’ bid to fight mental health stigma

By ellie pipe, Tuesday Mar 14, 2017

Bristol University’s student newspaper is putting mental health issues in the spotlight in a bid to fight the stigma and get people talking.

Epigram has launched a campaign called #14Conversations and each day for the next two weeks, will be publishing an article or podcast featuring a personal story or advice on opening up about a subject that is all too often seen as taboo.

The publication, in conjunction with the university’s Burst Radio, hopes to get people talking about their own issues and will also be raising funds for the free mental health service Off the Record that provides support and information for young people in need.

The #14Conversations campaign launched on Tuesday, March 14, and has already gained backing from high profile Bristol figures, including mayor Marvin Rees, who said mental health is a “key issue for social justice”.

Epigram editor Ben Parr said: “With one in four students experiencing mental health issues, it is so important to be aware of these issues.

“It’s no secret that many Bristol students this year have felt like they’ve been struggling to get the mental health support they need.

“Epigram and Burst Radio are saying enough is enough: it’s time to stand together to show fellow students who might be going through tough times that we will not stop until they get the help that they deserve.

“Even if it doesn’t affect you directly, it will affect someone you know and care about. #14Conversations is about getting people talking about their wellbeing. Talking about mental health can make the difference between someone seeking help and not.”

He added: “The student counselling service at our university do a fantastic job but they are understaffed and overworked. So, we think it’s time to take our mental health care into our own hands.”


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