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St Mark’s Road named as the best street in the UK

By martin booth, Thursday Nov 28, 2019

A Bristol road’s “identity, culture and vitality” has been praised as it is named the best in the UK.

St Mark’s Road in Easton was voted as the best street in the UK and Ireland at the 2020 Urbanism Awards, with judges commending it for being an exemplary vibrant mixed community.


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Lead assessor, Alistair Barr, said: “This street is diverse, popular and full of delight. It is a perfect example of community-led urbanism.

“The local community have achieved success in terms of identity, culture and vitality. The street creates cohesion across many cultural backgrounds and this mixed group are well served by the local business and the quality of street life here.”

Easton councillor Afzal Shah (second from right) received the award on behalf of the local community

Barr commended the street’s strong community cohesion is “extremely impressive”, adding that its “transformation to a desirable street in 30 years is striking”.

She added: “The international interest in the Grand Iftar shows how the street has many lessons across the world for multicultural urban street life.

“We should ensure more urbanists know about this success. The resilience of this street is extraordinary. It has witnessed cultural and economic changes and many levels but bounces back each time stronger than before.”

In a joint statement, Easton councillors Ruth Pickersgill and Afzal Shah said: “We are all thrilled that St Mark’s Road has won this national award which recognises all of the hard work that the local businesses, places of worship, charitable organisations, and local people put in to making it such a vibrant community hub. St Mark’s Road truly illustrates Easton at its best.”

Past winners of The Great Street award include South William Street in Dublin, Humber Street Fruit Market in Hull and Wood Street in Walthamstow, east London.

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