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Spreading the positivity during the coronavirus crisis

By lowie trevena, Monday Mar 30, 2020

A new website from Bedminster-based design agency somethingfamiliar will shine a light on positive news from around the world.

The website will be updated every day with upbeat facts, news and developments. The creator of the site, Oli Garnett, hopes it will become an “alternative to the daily onslaught of negativity appearing in this global time of crisis”.

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“It’s been a tough few months, and everything is still very uncertain, so we wanted to start sharing truths – the good news – those glimmers of hope,” says Oli.

“There is a lot of misinformation about the virus out there and false reports can easily fuel anxiety, so there’s something to be said about cold, hard facts helping to keep you at ease.”

The site has been designed to be visually calming to ease anxiety. Using his design skills, Oli has used an “evolving muted colour, with a very pleasing, slowly morphing shape”. He adds: “It’s inspired by the unknown nature of the living virus, the site subverts it’s scary, dark nature using colour and form to give it a more playful and calmer look and feel.”

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Oli hopes that will help people to feel less anxious and stressed, using cold, hard facts to counterbalance everyone’s constant scrolling and the misinformation about the virus.

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