Skinny dipping scandal in Castle Park

By aphra evans, Thursday May 11, 2017

Innocent bystanders enjoying the evening sun on Wednesday spotted a young gentleman taking a dip near the new Finzels Reach Bridge, proving that the heat was evidently too much for some to bare.

The nude adventurer was seen casually disrobing at around 7.15pm before clambering elegantly over the railings in his birthday suit.

After enjoying a 30-second dip in the city centre’s assuredly refreshing and clean water, the shameless skinny dipper returned to land and casually walked back to his discarded and frankly unnecessary clothing.

Eyewitness Ed Manton said: “By the time I’d got my camera out he was out walking back proudly.”

The pictures he managed to take show the nudist in question “heading back to his clothes for some dignity” after his daring dip.

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