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New by-laws for Bristol’s parks

By ellie pipe, Tuesday Mar 14, 2017

A clampdown on antisocial behaviour – from drone use to driving a horse and cart – is set to take place across Bristol’s parks and public spaces.

The city council has given the green light to a set of 29 new by-laws that will update current rules set out in Victorian times and come into force from April 28.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary has backed the motion that gives police and council officers increased powers to tackle problems of antisocial behaviour in the city’s parks and green places.

Park users have been given assurances that the new laws do not mean they will be penalised for the likes of blackberry picking or putting up a gazebo for picnics.

On the “long-awaited report”, Asher Craig, cabinet member for communities, said: “We want everyone to enjoy public parks and green spaces and there is sometimes a need to proactively tackle antisocial behaviour that affects communities’ enjoyment.

“The council has worked hard to meet any concerns expressed about how the by-laws are applied.”

She added that the new by-laws have been put in place following extensive consultation and will be welcomed by the majority of park users.

The approach of enforcement officers will remain focused on early intervention and advice.

Conservative Mark Weston welcomed a crackdown on the “menace” of drones but questioned how many of the new by-laws will be enforceable in practise,

Lib dem Anthony Negus said: “We have tried to balance the benefits for the greatest number of people across all of the green spaces in Bristol.”


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