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Montpelier rainbow bridge set to be repainted

By martin booth, Wednesday Jan 22, 2020

Montpelier’s former ‘rainbow bridge’ will not stay in its new shade of grey for long, with Bristol City Council already in discussions with local residents about an art project to restore the bridge to its former colourful self.

There was initial confusion on Wednesday about who had been responsible for repainting the bridge.

The city council originally claimed that the work was carried out by Network Rail, the bridge’s owners; before clarifying that the council were indeed asked by local residents to clean it up so it could then be repainted.

No longer a rainbow bridge – photo by Hubert McIntyre

A Community Payback scheme were given specific instructions to use gun metal grey so it would be easier for repainting to take place in the near future.

Council officers are already sourcing materials and third party funding for the community-led repaint.


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A spokesperson for Bristol City Council said: “We were asked by the local graffiti action group to tidy the bridge up after the beautiful rainbow had all but been destroyed by tagging.

“As bridge owners, Network Rail sanctioned this work and the council arranged for the Community Payback scheme to carry out the painting in gun metal grey so a community repaint could take place should residents want one.

“Our community engagement team are already in discussion with residents about an art project which we will support in getting access to material and third party funding.”

Main photo courtesy of Bristol City Council

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