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Good Samaritan pays for police car’s petrol

By bristol247, Thursday Nov 29, 2018

A story about a kind stranger paying for the petrol of a police car refilling at a garage in Hotwells has been shared by almost 2,500 people on Facebook after being posted by Avon & Somerset Police.

The story was shared by the police on Wednesday afternoon:

“Were you the kind person who paid the fuel bill for one of our officers yesterday?

“At about 9:30am at a garage on Hotwells Road in Bristol, PC Anthony filled up a police vehicle with diesel.

“As he went to pay, a man approached him, handed him a till receipt for the amount of fuel he put in (more than £50), shook his hand, and said ‘I just want to say thank you for all you guys do for us.’ He then left.

“You don’t need to come forward but we hope this reaches you. We just wanted to say a very big thank you for what you did. We have shared this story with our staff, officers and volunteers. We would never expect a member of the public to pay for our fuel but just knowing our work is appreciated makes more of a difference than you may realise.

“Thank you. From everyone at Avon and Somerset Police.”

The act of kindness happened at this Esso garage on Hotwell Road

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