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Creating safe cycle routes around the Downs

By martin booth, Sunday Sep 16, 2018

For Vicki Cracknell, her dream of a car-free circular loop of the Downs will be one step closer this weekend as thousands of people are expected take part in Cycle Sunday.

This year’s annual event takes place from 10am to 2pm on Sunday, September 16, with a new longer route more than ever before recognising the untapped resource of the Downs for cycling.

The closure of Circular Road and Ladies Mile to cars means that people can enjoy a 3.5km bike ride for the fourth annual Cycle Sunday.

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Participants will be able to get their bikes checked for free by Dr Bike, try out bicycle paint spinning and even make a pedal-powered smoothie.

Cycle Sunday organiser Vicki Cracknell

“The Downs is such a beautiful place to ride,” says Vicki. “It’s wonderful for people who are not so confident.”

Vicki says that Cycle Sunday is very much about encouraging leisure cycling for people of all ages – and especially giving children a safe environment in which to cycle in order to build up their confidence and stamina.

“Bristol is so hilly, and the Downs is 400 acres and flat,” Vicki says. “It’s ridiculous that we cannot find the space for more cycle infrastructure. It just has to be reallocated.

“This event is a clear demonstration of the interest of cycling on the Downs.”

Cycle Sunday takes place from 10am to 2pm on Sunday, September 16. For more information, visit

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