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Climate change, migration and the role of communities

By ellie pipe, Friday Nov 29, 2019

Bristol’s communities are invited to take part in a citywide conversation to help shape the narrative around climate change.

The aim of the event hosted at City Hall on Tuesday, December 10 is to amplify the voices of people who might not often be heard in wider debates and connect them with policymakers and experts.


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The climate emergency has risen to the top of the global agenda amid growing realisation about the potentially devastating consequences that are already being felt around the world and the need for mass behavioural change.

Taking place on Human Rights Day, the citywide conversation aims to engage people from across Bristol in discussions on the response to climate change and empower communities to share their perspectives and explore narratives on the issue.

“Climate change is happening at a faster rate than we thought and its impacts will affect all of us,” explains April Humble, a researcher on border security, climate change and migration.

“Bristol itself is vulnerable to climate change. There is a real risk to our food systems, to our economy and of increasing extreme weather, and the poorest communities will be hit first.

“As temperatures rise and places become more difficult to live in, we will see more people being forced to move, with effects all around the world, in Europe and here in the UK.

“However, the transition we will see because of climate change has great potential to enhance Bristol and our larger society. We have the choice to be proactive instead of reactive.

“It is essential that communities across Bristol understand the scale of the risk that we might face because of climate change and what this might mean for our communities. If we are to act on it, our communities must know about it first.

“Because for this, we are reaching out to all of Bristol’s communities – from Henbury and Brentry to Easton to Hartcliffe – to invite them to learn about climate change, discuss why it is important for them and their communities and to shape the conversation on this for their communities.”

The event is co-hosted by mayor Marvin Rees, Bristol City Council, Bristol Green Capital Partnership, Bristol Refugee Rights and Bristol City of Sanctuary.

Speakers include:

  • Marvin Rees – welcome.
  • Dr Jo House from the University of Bristol on climate change predictions and impacts.
  • Alex Minshull, sustainable city and climate change service manager at Bristol City Council, on the council’s climate strategy.
  • Dominik Byrne, programme director at Bristol Link with Beira, on voices from the 2019 Cyclone Idai that hit Mozambique.
  • April Humble on climate change and migration.
  • Bristol Refugee Rights Voice Project – lived experience of migration.

The organisers say we are at a defining point in history and are urging people to come together to imagine how we can shape these critical issues of our time to create a safer city and future for all.

Everyone over the age of 16, and parents with babies, are welcome to attend the free event. Reserve a space via or email

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