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City Hall to be lit up in solidarity following death of George Floyd

By ellie pipe, Tuesday Jun 2, 2020

Marvin Rees has urged people to join in the worldwide condemnation of George Floyd’s tragic death by standing against inequality when they see it.

The mayor said Bristol is proud to show solidarity with the communities affected by the killing of Floyd, a black man who died at the hands of a white police officer in Minneapolis on May 25, as well as others who have died needlessly.

City Hall will be lit up in purple from 8pm until 11pm on Tuesday in a show of unity.

“People are hurt and people are angry,” said Rees.

“I feel their pain and I share their outrage. What happened to George Floyd and so many others like him shows we still have so far to go in the fight for equality.

“The current pandemic has shown certain communities have been further disadvantaged by Covid-19, and this is unacceptable. However, the huge efforts by volunteers have also shown that Bristolians are generous and caring and look out for each other in the face of uncertainty. Please don’t forget the kindness you have shown each other over the past few months, as we work together to recover.”

The mayor added: “We are proud to show solidarity with other cities by lighting up City Hall. If you are also planning to participate in marches and protests, I would urge you to please take extra precautions to protect yourself from the risk of Covid-19 and people in the communities you are standing up for.”

Deputy mayor Asher Craig added: “As a city we stand against racism and inequality and are joining other cities to show our unity with the needless death of George Floyd.

“We are working hard to build mixed communities that look out for each other, and work together to make sure every child growing up in Bristol has the same life chances as the next. Every person in the city can play a role in this and in tackling injustice.”

Main photo by Martin Booth

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