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Bristol Black History Month returns for 2020

By lowie trevena, Thursday Sep 17, 2020

Black History Month returns in October and Bristol will be celebrating.

Showcasing the past and the present reality for Black people, Bristol Black History Month will give a platform to Black, Caribbean and African communities across the city and beyond.

The Bristol Black History Month organisers will release its annual magazine ahead on October 1, which will kick of a month-long celebration of Black culture and Black people’s contributions to the UK and across the world.

The history month and accompanying magazine will not only praise the achievements of Black people in South West, but will also look at the progress of the region in terms of social change, educational and racial equality.

“For this change to happen, it is vital that people of all backgrounds engage with these topics” say the organisers of Bristol Black History Month.

“For this reason, Bristol Black History Month magazine is for everyone to read, enjoy, and educate themselves about the experience and contributions of the Black community.”

Bristol Black History Month will again be publishing its annual magazine. Image: Bristol Black History Month

With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing, the history month is widening its digital presence.

“Our accompanying service is to provide culturally relevant marketing through our publication and ongoing digital presence,” the Bristol Black History Month organisers add.

“Our intention is to provide content that is reflective of the community so that we improve the involvement and engagement of the community in future opportunities, issues and solutions.”

With Black History Month starting in the USA in 1926, it became an official month-long celebration in the UK in 1987.

Through celebrating and holding a mirror up to racial inequality in the UK, the ultimate goal for Black History Month organisers across the country is to eradicate the need for a separate month of celebration, and for the Black experience to be fully incorporated into the known and celebrated history of the UK.

Main photo: Martin Booth

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