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£2m share-offer to fund Bristol’s first hydro-electric generator

By bristol247, Wednesday Oct 28, 2020

Bristol’s first community owned hydro-electric generator could begin operating at Netham Weir.

This micro-hydro power station will use the natural force of the water falling across the weir to spin twin turbines, which will produce enough energy to power some 250 homes.

The scheme in St Anne’s will cost around £2.4 million and will run night and day throughout the year, with peak output in winter; a time when electricity demand is at its highest.

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Bristol Energy Cooperative (BEC) has launched a £2m share offer to help fund the project, which will also help create the UK’s first net zero domestic housing microgrid – combining energy efficiency with shared on-site renewables, heat pumps for heating and hot water and battery storage.

The microgrid will be installed at the new Water Lilies housing development in Lawrence Weston.


BEC project developer, Will Houghton, said: “Our mission is to invest in renewables, cut carbon, and build community. We’re inviting Bristol to invest in BEC with as little as £100, so we can all help drive a green recovery for the region.”

Houghton said that through buying shares in BEC, people can participate in the ownership of local renewable energy, support local communities and help tackle climate change, with a projected 3.5 per cent return on investment.

The clean energy produced is sold to the National Grid and this income is then used to develop more renewable sites across Bristol.

For more information about the share offer, visit

Main photo of Netham Weir: BEC

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