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Greens urge voters to, erm, vote Green

By louis emanuel, Thursday Apr 21, 2016

The Green Party has launched the #TonyFirst hashtag in an attempt to rally some solidarity for their mayoral candidate Tony Dyer following a series of defections to George Ferguson’s camp.

Seven long-standing party members became the latest Greens or former Greens to back Ferguson, arguing that voters should put him as their first choice to keep Labour’s Marvin Rees out.

Voters will have first and second choice votes when they go the polls on May 5. If no candidate has received more than 50 per cent after the first preferences are counted, the second preferences are then added.

Tony Dyer has suffered from some high-profile Green members or former Green members publicly backing rival George Ferguson

After launching the hashtag, the Bristol Green Party said in an open letter to voters: “We note that seven Bristol Green Party members have chosen to publicly endorse George Ferguson.

“In response, we are writing this letter to publicly confirm that Tony has the backing of his colleagues. These seven members are a tiny minority of a 2,000 strong membership that has collectively decided to field Tony Dyer as our candidate. We aren’t backing anyone else.”

Read the full letter here.


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