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Royal Mint collaborate with Bristol-based silversmiths to make the world’s most expensive piggy bank

By ruby sims, Thursday Feb 27, 2020

Working with award-winning Bristol Silversmiths Phillip Kydd and his son James, The Royal Mint has unveiled what is set to become the world’s most expensive piggy bank.

The 18 carat gold piggy bank, named Minty, will be available to buy for £100,000. There will also be a sterling silver edition available which will retail at £6,000 and both piggy banks are part of the company’s new range of luxury gifts and jewellery.

Minty the piggy bank will be hand poured and finished by award-winning silversmith duo, Phillip Kydd and his son James Kydd, who are based in Barrow Gurney.

Phillip Kydd working on one of the piggy banks. Photo courtesy of The Royal Mint

“We are honored to partner with such a world renowned and long-standing brand such as The Royal Mint,” says Phillip.

“Like them, we strive to keep alive the time-honoured values of quality British craftsmanship, meaning no piece is mass produced and has been crafted using traditional skills and processes. Every care has been taken with each gold and silver Minty to ensure a high-end, luxury finish.”

View the range at www.royalmint.com/Minty

Main photo courtesy of The Royal Mint

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