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Hard work of local community garden recognised

By grace hillier, Tuesday Aug 13, 2019

Allotments and community gardens harbour more benefits than just fresh produce. Local communities and users of these green space enjoy increase in healthy eating and increased physical activity by getting into the fresh air.

Held from August 12-19, National Allotment Week in 2019 is focussing on the social benefits of allotments and community gardens, shining a spotlight on Redcatch Community Garden in Knowle.

To celebrate the difference the project makes to the lives of local people, The National Lottery Community Fund has granted the project £10,000 to help it continue to deliver social benefits.

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A volunteer at Redcatch Community Garden with her harvest

“The story we hear back from projects such as Redcatch Community Garden is that these spaces are where friendships blossom and people strengthen and grow,” says Tim McCullock, regional head of funding at The National Lottery Community Fund.

Redcatch Community Garden have used the funding to hire a part-time project work and join the national Abundance network.

“Abundance is about using unwanted produce from the community, and we have been able to set up a local mapping exercise to identify where produce is,” explains project lead Kate Swain.

“This is then turned into products such as apple juice to be sold or given back to the community to promote healthy, affordable eating.”

The group have used some of the funding  to invest in a commercial compost bin, named Beatrice Rotter, to compost food, green waste, cafe cups and lids .

One of the Volunteers with compost bin Beatrice Rotter

“Redcatch Community Garden is a space for our whole community to come together, socialise and learn about growing fresh, healthy food, while providing produce for the project’s shop and café,” says Kate.

“We’re delighted that The National Lottery Community Fund has supported our mission.”

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