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The end of the current chapter for Bristol Wood Recycling Project

By bristol247, Friday Sep 22, 2017

With Bristol Wood Recycling Project likely to leave their home on Cattle Market Road next year to make way for the University of Bristol’s new campus, photographer Callum Burns has been documenting their final days as the start of a series of reportage projects hoping to engage and document more social-enterprises and ethical community groups around the city.

“I have followed them since July, engaging with the users and volunteers on a regular basis to find out their use for the project and I feel people enjoy the space and see it as an exciting and ethical alternative to major hardware stores,” Callum says.

“As uncertainty grows around this project’s future, it is important to capture and engage others in it, while also remembering the individuals that have worked at or supported the Bristol Wood Recycling Project.”


Inside Bristol Wood Recycling Project (BWRP)

The BWRP yard, with the former Royal Mail sorting office in the background.

Two customers disassemble pallets for a van they were working on. The pallets are very popular with people on a tight budget.

Transporting wood by bicycle is a challenge this chap is willing to take on

Breaking up pallets in the yard

BWRP is occasionally used for gigs and parties, organised by local promoters. This brings in extra income and engages new custom.

All photos by Callum Burns.


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