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Creating a website to find love

By martin booth, Tuesday Jul 9, 2019

Online dating is nothing new, but one man from Fishponds has designed a website specifically so that he can find love.

Shahan Miah has created after being unable to find the love of his life by more conventional means, including going on a Bristol24/7 Blind Date.

The 30-year-old from Fishponds has also made a video in the hope of attracting a lucky lady:

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“Meeting someone; or trying to meet someone; can be a very long process, especially in a busy, lively city like Bristol,” said Shahan.

“That may sound obvious, but when you’re in a city with a population of over 450,000, it is very hard to stand out, which is why I started this website and made the video, as I feel it’s the best method to effectively advertise myself, and to also show my fun personality and character in a way that I could probably not do elsewhere…

“I hope that by creating the website & video; that someone will see them both and would be interested in getting to know me on a potential romantic basis. It’s worth a go, isn’t it?”

So is this unlucky in love Shahan’s last throw of the dating dice?

“I’m saving the best ’til last,” he told Bristol24/7.

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