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Blind Date: Holly and Shahan

By bristol247, Thursday Nov 10, 2016

Holly, staff training at the University of Bristol

Shahan, administrator

Have you ever been on a blind date before?
Holly: “No”
Shahan: “This was the first one. At least I have practice should I ever end up on Channel 4’s First Dates…”

What made you want to go on this blind date? 
Holly: “The potential to meet the man of my dreams (although I’m not sure if Aidan Turner has time to date between filming).”
Shahan: “I was away from Bristol for six months for personal reasons, and wanted to make attempts at dating again.”

What were your first thoughts when you saw your date?
Holly: “He wasn’t quite Aidan Turner.”
Shahan: “She looked familiar; someone I went to college with. But it wasn’t her!”  

What did you talk about?
Holly: “Mainly music, films, and dating failures. My favourite quote of the evening was ‘spreadsheets before bedsheets’ (in reference to relationships with co-workers).”
Shahan: “We talked about ourselves in equal measure. And I brought up the times I was a gameshow contestant, appeared in an AC/DC music video, and I ran against myself to be student president while at uni.”

What was the atmosphere like?
Holly: “Relaxed and friendly – the restaurant was lively and we managed to find lots to talk about.”
Shahan: “It was nice. We were sat by the window so we had a great view of the dark, night river.”

Any moments when you wished you were somewhere else? 
Holly: “No, I don’t think we were a great match, but we still had fun (and the steak was delicious).”
Shahan: “Surprisingly, no.”

What would you say is the best characteristic of your date?
Holly: “Shahan is extremely open and friendly, and made me feel at ease.”
Shahan: “Holly was easy to talk to, and was understanding and considerate.”

What do you think your date made of you? 
Holly: “Probably that I should drink less wine.”
Shahan: “That I have plenty of entertaining stories!”

Is there anything you would change about your evening? 
Holly: “I would have had more wine.”
Shahan: “As it was a date, the setting seemed right.”

Did you go somewhere else after your meal? 
Holly: “No, we went our separate ways.”
Shahan: “We were both tired and had work in the morning. Otherwise we would have gone to a bar for another drink.”

Were there any sparks of potential? 
Holly: “Not for me I’m afraid.”
Shahan: “Some sparks, but a lot more ignition is needed, if you know what I mean…”

Will you meet again?
Holly: “Not for a date, but maybe as friends.”
Shahan: “We exchanged numbers, but as of writing, we haven’t arranged to meet up yet.”


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