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Blind date: Freddie and James

By rose clark, Friday Sep 2, 2016

Freddie and James headed to Kongs of King Street for their date, but is romance on the cards?


Name and occupation?

“Freddie Williams, care worker.”

“James Lee, software developer.”


Have you ever been on a blind date before?

Freddie: “No.”

James: “No, this was my first one.”


What made you want to go on this blind date?

Freddie: “I wanted to experience a different type of dating and not have a preconceived idea of the other person.”

James: “I didn’t know what to expect. You don’t know about things unless you try them.”


What were your first thoughts when you saw your date?

Freddie: “I was a bit shocked as I didn’t know what he would look like. Then when he walked in I was taken back that I knew him from the local community.” 

James: “He looked extremely friendly and bubbly, which helped put me at ease.”


What did you talk about?

Freddie: “We were not short of conversation. We talked about travelling and aspirations we had for ourselves. We also talked about the food at the bar (which was amazing.) And of course Ru Pauls Drag race.”

James: “Our jobs, where we’ve travelled, our interests including musical theatre (especially with Sister Act coming to the Hippodrome soon) and naturally RuPaul’s Drag Race.”


What was the atmosphere like?

Freddie: “Busy, but it was chilled!”

James: “It was very relaxed. The music was loud which made conversation difficult when I am naturally quiet, but it was to be expected on a Saturday night.”


Any moments when you wished you were somewhere else?

Freddie: “I think towards the end of night the date had come to a natural close. Even though at the start of the date I wished the ground would have swallowed me up.”

James: “I can’t think of any, I had a really nice time and hope Fred did as well.”


What would you say is the best characteristic of your date?

Freddie: “Kong’s was the best place ever it was so cool and full of retro games!”

James: “Fred was easy to talk to, there weren’t any awkward moments and conversation came easily.”


What do you think your date made of you?

Freddie: “I think he felt the same, as we knew each other from around it was a tad awkward.”

James: “I’m not sure. Hopefully I came across as down to earth.”


Is there anything you would change about your evening?

Freddie: “It being a person I knew.”

James: “Possibly going somewhere that was a bit quieter whilst we had our meal, but the food was delicious.”


Did you go somewhere else after your meal?

Freddie: “No, I went out and he went home.”

James: “We parted ways at Kongs. I was sensible (for once) and went home.”


Were there any sparks of potential?

Freddie: “Unfortunately not.”

James: “I didn’t feel any and I think it was the same for Fred, but it was still really nice to get to know him.”


Will you meet again?

Freddie: “No. I think we decided to just say hey when we see each other out but that’s about it.”

James: “As friends, definitely.”


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