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Showing some love to Bristol’s children with heart problems

By lowie trevena, Monday Aug 3, 2020

A charity helping children with heart conditions across the South West is opening a new Bristol centre.

Heart Heroes, which provides emotional and physical support for children and families living with congenital heart disease and heart problems, is opening two new branches, one of which will be in Bristol.

Heart Heroes supports families of children living with heart conditions.

“Our goal is for children and their siblings to be included in all our events, along with parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and any other close family,” said founder Kelly Cornish.

“By opening two new centres, we can reach more families. When we are allowed to meet up again, we will start putting on local events for them, which will include coffee mornings where parents meet and support each other.”

Heart Heroes’ Bristol hub will be run by Nicola Morris, whose second child, Calum, was born with a heart condition.

Nicola Morris and son Calum. Photo: Heart Heroes

The mum-of-three will hold events for Bristol children and families.

“We weren’t allowed to take Calum home until he was six weeks old,” said Nicola. “I remember sitting in a postnatal group, hearing the other mums talking about sleepless nights, and thinking that my experience and worries were so different that I just didn’t belong.”

Nicola hopes that through the Heart Heroes Hub in Bristol, families can be supported through events and coffee mornings.

The Heart Heroes Hub will also hold meet ups on the Cardiac Ward at Bristol Children’s Hospital, so families whose children are in hospital can receive support when they need it most.

Main photo: Heart Heroes

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