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A new artist drops at the Bzzaar Art Machine

By emma gorton ellicott, Tuesday Mar 5, 2019

Hanging out in the hallway at the Tobacco Factory is a friendly, vending machine known as Bazz.

A creative project of Bzzaar’s Beth Izzard, Bazz has been offering little arty delights since April last year in collaboration with local independent designers and artists.

Following a successful stint with cheeky cartoonists, Turbo Island, the latest Bazz (Bzzaar Art Machine) collaboration has just dropped with local artist and jewellery designer, Sophie Filomena.


The Bzzaar Art Machine (Bazz) and wall art by Jasmine Hortop Illustration at the Tobacco Factory


“We sell the art from little cigarette boxes”, explains Beth Izzard. “Previous to our collaboration, a local designer, Lucy Foakes had been selling her small ceramic creations from the vending machine in the same way, after Lucy moved on, Tobacco Factory got in touch with Bzzaar to give the art machine a new lease of life”.

Collaborating with Turbo Island’s, Chris Wright, Beth came up with the idea to create the fun character Bazz, a happy little ex-cigarette vending machine who now dispenses local pieces of art to everyone he meets!


Illustration of Bazz the Bzzaar Art Machine by local artists Turbo Island


Bzzaar cigarette packet style gift boxes ready to be loaded into the art vending machine

“When I’m looking for artists to stock in Bazz, I need to make sure they’re going to be able to make things that are fantastic but also fit in the boxes. Sophie’s work is so colourful and beautiful that it was a winning combo!” says Beth.


Colourful handmde earrings by Sophie Filomena, the latest designer to collaborate with the Bzzaar Art Machine

It’s a lucky dip! Choose your item and wait for your surprise!


Following various illustrative collaborations with Sophie Filomena for Bzzaar and Beth’s other business, The DIY Supermarket – where Sophie also sells her Fimo jewellery creations and prints – this collaboration was a perfect fit for the Bzzaar Art Machine.

Creating colourful statement jewellery pieces Sophie Filomena’s lovingly handmade earrings and necklaces are inspired by an 80s aesthetic and Memphis art. These bold and fun pieces ooze that Bristol style, all at very reasonable prices too!


Sophie Filomena at the launch party for her collaboration with Bazz.

Bazz will be offering up some exciting Filomena goodies from handmade beads, earrings, rings and stickers with prices ranging from £2 for stickers to £8 for the earrings. All items are unique, which adds to the fun!

“Each design is a complete mystery! Even to me!” explains Sophie Filomena. “On the opening night of the Bzzaar Art Machine it was so exciting to see what people would find inside their little box!”.


A happy customer with her lucky dip Sophie Filomena goodies!


“The idea is to use whatever you get in a fun and artistic way from threading your own necklace to replacing your boring buttons with some bright and colourful ones!” adds Sophie.

From starting her jewellery designs back in 2017, Sophie Filomena became an overnight success after sharing her designs on instagram.

“I became a one-woman factory overnight!” explains Sophie. “Within a few months I was selling in a few Bristol shops that now include The DIY Supermarket online and Jamaica Street Stores”.


Colourful, 80’s inspired earrings by Sophie Filomena.


Working from her studio in the city centre, Sophie jumps from one media to another designing logos one day to jewellery design the next, keeping her focus on work she enjoys.

“There are many benefits to being a multi-disciplinary artist. I do whatever I like, because I have the space to do that and I’ve never liked being boxed in” continues Sophie, “I just want to make stuff every day!”


Sophie Filomena (left) Bazz and Bzzaar founder Beth Izzard (right) at the Sophie Filomena X Bzzaar Art Machine launch party


The Sophie Filomena collaboration will continue to run over the next year with the Bzzaar Art Machine who are always on the lookout for new local artists for future ventures. “Keep your eyes on Bazz!” adds Beth.

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