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Raised in Bristol receive investment for more nurseries

By esther bancroft, Tuesday Dec 10, 2019

A recent £250,000 investment from the Resonance South West Social Investment Tax Release Fund will fund more Raised in Bristol Raised in Bristol (RiB) nurseries.

RiB is a social enterprise providing children aged six months to five years old with both childcare and early years education and their business model places emphasis on the sustainability and reinvestment.

Reinvestment in Bristol’s local economy is RiB’s latest effort to build a thriving society which can support its children, saying:  “This investment means that we can get on with our plans for growth. We’ll be working with more communities to keep public spaces available for local people to use.”

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RiB’s youth and community organisations have now worked with local children for 30 years and their first nursery, Raised in Easton, opened in 2018.

The organisation’s community focus and reinvestment of profit led to the investment from Resonance South West.

“It has been great working together with the founding directors – an all-female team – who have addressed a growing community issue with a proven and sustainable business model and as a result are saving critical community assets,” said investment manager Katalin Juhász at Resonance South West.

Two new nurseries have been planned using the funding, the first of which will open in January 2020. The opening of Raised in St Paul’s nursery will provide the local area with 60 more places for children. It will be part of the Full Circle Project at Docklands, an independent organisation striving to enhance life opportunities in the area.

RiB have come far within a short space of time. Working in the heart of the community, RiB are teaching children valuable life lessons during their most formative years. With the recent funding from Resonance South West, they can continue to do so.

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