Where does the metal you recycle end up?

By bristol247, Friday Sep 1, 2017

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So, we open a tin of beans, rinse it out then throw it into the recycling box, but who’s wondered what happens to it after that?

Well it might surprise you that your little empty tin is actually quite valuable. It is far more economical and better for the environment to recycle it rather than make a new one out of raw materials.

The really cool thing about metal is that it is 100% recyclable. Every drinks can, aerosol, tin, foil tray and bit of foil packaging you use and recycle can become something new, like a mobile phone, part of a wristwatch, a computer, camera – or it could become a new tin.

To encourage us to recycle more, Bristol Waste Company has launched a new campaign, which aims to encourage more of us to recycle our metal packaging. Turning old tins, aerosols, foil trays and wrapping foil back into new products is only one of the benefits of recycling metal packaging. The recycling process saves energy and cuts carbon emissions too.

Did you know for example, that recycling just two cans saves enough energy to run a computer for 12 hours? So it doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to make a big difference, and the benefits quickly stack up.

Recycling metal packaging could not be easier: simply rinse food tins and foil trays out at the end of washing up, you don’t even have to worry about removing the label.

Recycling in Bristol couldn’t be easier with a weekly collection service in operation

Bristol Waste’s weekly kerbside recycling service will collect your tins, empty aerosols, clean foil trays and foil, as well as your paper, glass and textiles.

Please recycle your metal packaging and make your metals, matter!

For even more information about your kerbside and local recycling services visit the website or call 0117 304 9580.

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