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By martin booth, Wednesday Feb 25, 2015

If you would be so cruel as to swing a cat, you’d barely manage inside Zero-Zero, the new title holder of the smallest restaurant in Bristol.

A table against one wall has seating for six people at a squeeze, while four more can sit at the bar.

But size isn’t everything. And anyway, this new Easton restaurant just around the corner from No. 12 Easton should soon appeal more as a takeaway, with deliveries promised imminently.

Pizzas are the stock-in-trade here, with a side of buffalo wings – free range (or tofu) chicken marinated and served in a house blend buffalo sauce, with blue cheese dip and celery sticks and available in regular, hot and “stupid hot”.

And there is wine. Lots of wine. Red and white on tap from a small French vineyard, available for takeaway in reusable swing-top bottles or by the glass or carafe as part of a meal in.

(Although this is coming soon while owners Estelle and Rob wait for a piece of paper from Her Majesty’s Customs. For now, bottles of beer and cider mean that all is not lost.)

The stone-baked pizzas here are made using their own sourdough “00” or spelt base with slow-cooked tomato sauce and mozzarella made out of milk produced by Fresian cows in the Cotswolds.

Pizzas come in six different flavours, nine-inch or 12-inch, including margherita (£5 or £8), anchovy and caper (£6 or £9), and the current special of Tallegio cheese, garlic, mixed mushrooms, thyme, onions and a rocket garnish (£6 or £9).

I chose the special, which was a little too crispy around the edges making it seem like a flat bread crisp rather than dough but it was a great consistency everywhere else. 

The mushrooms were positively meaty in their chunky cut rather than thinly sliced and the cheese was mild enough but still shone through when paired with the rocket.

A good pizza then. Not as exciting as those at Flour and Ash, currently the best in town. More in the style of The Stable, which still sets the bar high at this most small of establishments.

Zero-Zero, 2B High Street, Easton, Bristol, BS5 2DL
0117 9510 265

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