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Whet your appetite for the Bristol24/7 Autumn Feast

By caragh jones, Friday Nov 10, 2017

Our team of young chefs have completed the two day-long workshops at Square Food Foundation in preparation for the Bristol24/7 Autumn Feast on Thursday, November 16.

Over two days, the talented young people, aged 16 to 25, tried curing pork belly with Josh Eggleton of Pony and Trap, breaking down a chicken with Sam Sohn Rethel of Bellita, mackerel filleting with Adrian Kirkimaa of St Monica Trust and butterbean casserole with Mark Chapman of Bravas.

The days equipped the young chefs with a host of culinary skills. “We are getting there. It’s the end of day two of the training, and we’re all pretty tired, but the young chefs have been amazing,” said chef Barny Haughton, who has worked as a chef in Bristol for more than 30 years.

“All the young and supporting chefs have had an input on the menu, and I have to say there were times when I didn’t think it was going to work – there was too much left to chance and faith, we were breaking too many rules, involving too many ingredients and expecting too much from such inexperienced cooks.

“But each young person has brought some brilliant ideas and thinking to the menu. Everyone of them has intuition, connection and imagination. I’m really proud that the menu we’ll eat at the Autumn Feast is theirs, not mine, and that it has unfolded in a magical and entirely natural way.”

Barny Haughton runs Square Food Foundation

So, to get you excited for a very special evening of food, we’re announcing the menu for the Autumn Feast.

For starters, guests will wander through six street food-style mini-kitchens and try tasters of the following:

  • Bread: Flat breads and bruschetta from the wood fired oven.
  • Dairy: Little omelettes of chives and goat’s cheese; quails egg scotch eggs, possibly chorizo, fresh halloumi, oregano, dried chilli…..with something, maybe with romesco sauce or something tomatoey
  • Fish: Applewood hot smoked mackerel, horseradish, dill, crème fraiche or lemongrass and chilli and ginger.. also Provencale fish soup, rouille
  • Offal: Pan-fried goat’s livers, sumac, chicken livers, tarragon, hearts, red onion, rosemary, sherry vinegar, kidneys, cayenne, madeira, carpaccio
  • Cured pork: Figs, bruschetta, sweet potato dip, sardine ketchup, sauerkraut
  • Vegetables and salad: Grilled; celeriac, swede, turnip, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, aioli…yogurt, tahini. Salad from the Square Food garden


To buy a ticket to the Bristol24/7 Autumn feast on November 16, visit


Guests will be seated for the main course:

  • Goat Lancashire hotpot, meat stock vegetables puree, broth
  • Chicken, wild mushrooms, soft polenta
  • Spanish butterbeans, Romero peppers, Sweet Dumpling squash, parsley
  • All served with three kales: Russian, Red Ursa and Sutherland
  • Bread and home made butter

A cheese course will follow:

Trethowen’s Caerphilly, Hafod cheddar, biscuits and chutney

Finally, desert will be served:

Vanilla and cinnamon Somerset apple compote, caramelised nuts, Amaretti semi-freddo and shortbread

Expect surprising flavours and unusual elements from the experimental menu

Ingredients for the feast come from Stream Farm, Chew Valley Smokery, Cabrito, Community Farm, Better Food Company, Yeo Valley, Shipton Mill, Felin Ganol, Rare, Fish Shop Gloucester Road and others.

The Bristol24/7 young chefs programme, in partnership with Square Food Foundation culminates in the Bristol24/7 Autumn Feast on November 16. To get involved with the programme or any other project in the Bristol24/7 social impact agenda, email

To buy a ticket to the feast, visit

A big thanks to our social impact key partner UWE Bristol, and our sponsors Jongor; developers of Wapping Wharf, Umberslade; Infiniti; Budweiser Budvar; and Zazu’s Kitchen Pubs.

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